Unveiling Emotional Intelligence

A Deep Dive with Astrolabe Academy’s Teens

In a recent session at Astrolabe Academy, we took an immersive journey into the realms of Emotional Intelligence (EI), and it was a remarkable experience marked by active engagement and insightful discussions. Our students, eager to explore the intricacies of EI, brought their perspectives, leading to a stimulating and enlightening session.

Understanding and Assessing Emotional Intelligence

We began by defining Emotional Intelligence and exploring its five core components: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. The students participated keenly, with many expressing that they felt their EQ was already strong, a testament to their self-awareness and introspective abilities.

Motivation: The Heart of the Discussion

The topic of motivation resonated deeply with the group. We delved into the nuances of external versus internal motivation, sparking a spirited discussion. Students shared their views on what drives them, with many acknowledging the importance of internal motivators such as passion, interest, and personal satisfaction.

Real-World Connections: Jobs, Value, and Leadership

The discussion naturally evolved to encompass career aspirations and workplace dynamics. A critical aspect that emerged was the interplay between pay (external motivation) and feeling valued and recognized (internal motivation). Leadership qualities that inspire and the importance of feeling appreciated in a job were highlighted as vital components of workplace satisfaction.

Beyond Desire: Tackling Procrastination and Limiting Beliefs

Interestingly, the conversation took a turn toward the obstacles that often hinder motivation. We discussed how, despite having strong desires or goals, procrastination can still be a challenge due to limiting beliefs or underlying subconscious emotions. This part of the discussion was particularly engaging, as students opened up about their struggles and how they perceived these mental barriers.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Growth

This session was not just an academic exercise; it was a journey of self-discovery for our teens. The realization that understanding one’s emotions is key to overcoming personal challenges and achieving goals was a significant takeaway for many.

Reflections and Moving Forward

As we wrapped up, it was evident that our dive into Emotional Intelligence had struck a chord with the students. They left the session with a new appreciation for the role of EI in personal motivation, career choices, and overcoming subconscious barriers.


We at Astrolabe Academy are excited to see how these young minds will apply their newfound insights into EI in their everyday lives, and we look forward to continuing this journey of emotional and personal development with them.

Join the Conversation

We encourage everyone – parents, educators, and fellow students – to join us in exploring and embracing Emotional Intelligence. Share your experiences and insights. How do you perceive motivation in your life? Let’s continue this enlightening conversation and grow together in understanding and applying EI in all aspects of our lives.


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