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Setting a new standard in online high school education for today’s teens.

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Our Unique Approach

AAHS isn’t your typical virtual school. We’re a thriving community focused on holistic education that recognizes the diverse passions and potentials of every teen.

Embark on an Unparalleled Educational Journey at AAHS!

Discover a revolutionary approach that places your teen at the center of their educational adventure. AAHS is where passion meets purpose, cultivating a vibrant realm of exploration and growth!

Tailored Educational Journeys

Experience education that evolves with your teen’s curiosity and passion, weaving a unique pathway devoid of traditional curriculums.

Mindset of Lifelong Learning

Foster an enduring love for learning, nurturing the mind to explore, adapt, and flourish in life’s diverse arenas.

Empowering for the Future

Embark on life beyond school with a robust foundation, ready to navigate the realms of college, careers, and beyond with confidence and clarity.

Guidance with Purpose

Traverse the journey with compassionate guidance that illuminates purposeful pathways, unlocking doors to meaningful opportunities and experiences.

Community and Connections

Dive into a dynamic community where connections bloom, fostering a sense of belonging, mutual growth, and vibrant interactions.

Ignite the Flame of Passionate Learning Today!

Journey Beyond The Classroom

Escape the confines of traditional education and let your teen explore the vast universe of possibilities with AAHS.

For the Modern Parent

We understand the aspirations you have for your teen and the uncertainties you face in today’s rapidly changing educational landscape. AAHS bridges this gap, providing an educational experience that prepares your child for the future while honoring their individuality.

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Learn about AAHS

Ready to redefine your teen’s educational journey? Join our upcoming Information Session and discover how our high school program can transform learning into a personal adventure. Get your questions answered and see how we tailor education to your teen’s aspirations.

Career Conversations

Explore the exciting world of career possibilities with our Career Conversations Program! Perfect for teens curious about their future paths. Engage in enlightening talks with professionals, gain insights, and spark your passion.

ALT2HS Spotlight Podcast

Tune into our ALT2HS Spotlight Podcast for inspiring stories, innovative educational insights, and expert tips on alternative high school paths. Each episode is a new adventure in learning differently.

Busting the Myths of Education

Join us for a transformative day at our ‘Busting the Myths of Education’ workshop. Dive deep into innovative educational concepts, challenge traditional norms, and uncover the true potential of personalized learning.

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The issues with our education today are world-wide and Astrolabe Academy’s founder is active in the global conversation and movement to change things for our children.


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