ALT2HS Spotlight Podcast
Alt2HS Spotlight Podcast

Alternatives to High School

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How to get involved:

There are 4 ways to get involved – as a Student, Career Speaker, Guest, or Partner

As a Student:

  • Suggest a topic
  • Jump on any interview session and participate
  • Re-watch/listen to any session on our Youtube Channel

As a Career professional:

(or someone who has experience in particular fields)

  • Apply to guest on our program to share your expertise and knowledge
  • Share the program with friends and colleagues who may be interested in learning more about different career paths.
  • Connect with other participants through our Facebook group or other social media channels to discuss career-related topics and share insights.
  • Provide feedback on the program and suggest ways that we can improve or expand it to better serve our audience.
  • Volunteer to help organize or promote future Career Conversations events, either as an individual or as part of a larger organization or group.
  • Donate time, resources, or funding to support the continued growth and success of the program, and help us reach even more students and professionals in the future.
  • Use the recorded interview in your own marketing/outreach

As a Regular Podcast Guest:

Are you:

  • an adult who was unschooled and wants to share your story?
  • a homeschooling parent with a cool story to tell?
  • someone in the alternative education movement who promotes self-directed learning?

We want to hear from you!

As a Partner:

We are offering this service free to the entire homeschool community but we could really use some help getting the word out to the youth. We have a media kit for homeschool organizations and other partners to make it easy to share. Let us know and we will add you to our partners list with links here on our webpage and on the discord server where the interviews will take place.

About the podcast:

Alt2HS Spotlight is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to exploring and celebrating alternative high school education. We believe that learning is not a one-size-fits-all journey and that traditional high school is not the only path to knowledge and success.

Once Career Conversations launches, we will alternate the between two engaging formats. One week, we bring you candid in-session “Career Conversations” interviews between students and industry professionals, providing real-world insights into various career paths. For the alternating episodes, we will dive into heartfelt conversations with unschooled individuals, parents embracing unschooling, and representatives from innovative student-centered learning programs.

Each episode of Alt2HS Spotlight aims to broaden your perspective on what education can look like, challenge conventional notions of schooling, and inspire a love for lifelong learning.

Whether you are a student seeking alternatives, a parent contemplating unschooling, an educator interested in student-centered learning, or simply a lifelong learner, Alt2HS Spotlight has something for you.

Join us as we step into the spotlight and bring the hidden world of alternative high school education to the forefront. It’s time to rethink education and shine a spotlight on the endless possibilities.

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