About us

Our Mission

Inspire & empower

Our vision is to foster a lifelong love of learning, exploration and entrepreneurial thinking. Our unique approach nurtures a passion for learning that will be with the student for life. Our independent learning program provides an environment that allows each student to flourish under the individualized guidance of Academy Coaches, not to teach the student subjects, but to encourage the student to think, explore, solve problems and communicate. We work with each student individually to develop a tailored approach that takes into consideration thier unique learning style as well as their needs and goals.


LSUHS students in culinary

Our Goals

Empower teens with the tools to succeed

Astrolabe Academy s a culmination of years of educational experiences. This began as support for the homeschool community with summer camps, classes, and field trips from our Headmaster’s farm and grew into a full-fledged farm-based high school in Virginia. But the trends in education and growing issues with teens led to thoughts and planning for a new kind of support for the Nation’s struggling high school students. As we struggled with the issues and how to best help, the COVID closures pushed us into decision. We closed the farm school and pivoted our programs and resources to meet the needs of many more students then we could help on the farm.

We continue to be passionate about our environment and the impact that commercial farming has on it. We remain passionate about sustainable farming. But more than anything, we are passionate about education and creating a learning framework that allows children to be the natural, life-long learners that they are.


A message from

Our Director

” It is such a pleasure to see frustrated, insecure teens metamorphose into competant and confident young adults. At AAHS, we give them the tools they need to succeed in a 21st Century future. We show them kindness, compassion and trust. We allow them to learn to work independently, to experiment and to develop the skills to not only solve problems, but to recognize them ahead of time. “

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