Summer Camp: Rocketry & NASA Space Center

For youth ages 12-18.

Consider enrolling in our Ocean Science camp on August 27th.

Join us for a week of heavy science and math in our NASA Rocketry camp! Youth will explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as well as some advanced mathematics as they build and experiment with rocket projects. We will spend 4 days playing with rockets here on the farm in Charles City and one day visiting the the Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton.


Where: LOCAL STEW U, 5501 Monguy Rd, Charles City, VA 23030

When: August 6 – 10,  9M – 4PM, Drop off 8:30-9AM/Pickup 4-4:30PM

Cost: $295

  • $50 Deposit due on signup.
  • Remainder due by start of camp.
  • Deposit non-refundable if canceled after the Thursday night at midnight prior to the camp week.
  • 15% discount for multiple children.

Number of Attendees: 20 Campers

Miscellaneous info:

  • Pre-registration required. Link below.
  • Activities are located on a farm with dogs, cats and various livestock. Campers will have an opportunity to visit the animals and learn about farm life during breaks and lunch.
  • Campers should bring their own lunch for the 4 working days. The day we visit the center, lunch will be provided.
  • Beverages and snacks will be provided.