Week of October 23, 2017

Learning is not the product of teaching.
Learning is the product of the activity of learners.

~John Holt

There has been lots of activity at LoSU this week!

In English this week students continued their TED talk unit by watching and discussing Christopher Emdin’s Teach teachers how to create magic, and Nancy Duartes, The secret structure of great talks.  Edin’s talk focused on engaging audiences with content and style.  Duarte’s talk compared the structure of Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have A Dream speech with Steve Job’s iPhone Launch, two completely different speeches that have the same compare/contrast, problem/solution structure.  Students were excited to finish the observing part of this unit and delve into research to begin their own TED style talk.  Stay tuned for updates, their speeches are sure to be amazing! Students also continued their study of the Costal Plain, exploring the agricultural history and natural resources of this area.

Group/Farm projects this week included makingCajeta (Mexican Caramel Sauce) using goat milk from Head of School, Resi Connell’s, goats with the Love of Life Homeschool Group, assembling and arranging the furniture that student’s picked up last week, setting up the school library, completing the Guardian’s compost bins, transporting a chicken coop and rehoming chickens, and a full day of farm chores at Independence FUNie Farm.

We can’t wait to see what activity next week will bring!

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