Week of November 6, 2017

LoSU students collaboration exercises in language arts class.

This was a short week with the Veteran’s Day holiday and not quite as eventful as last week! Students continued their studies of public speaking and TED talks and started making more formal plans for our temporary farm space here in Chester. We spent our farm work time raking leaves twice this week and using them to build up our lasagna soil amendments in a big, barren island in the property’s drop off area. The goal will be to pile up layers of leaves, compost and mulch so that it can break down and enhance the soil over the winter.

Even with the short week, we managed to squeeze in one field trip. VSU offered a “Drone Technology Use on the Farm” workshop. There was a classroom/lecture component where we learned about drone technologies, capabilities and uses as well as some government regulations. We wrapped up the workshop with some drone demonstration flyovers of VSU’s Randolph Farm. The school has a small drone and we are excited about the possibilities for using it on our farm!

LoSU founders and some students attending the awards dinner at the Farming Conference.

LoSU founders, Chris and Terry planned to attend the Virginia Family Farm Conference in Charlottesville over the weekend to continue learning about the many aspects and opportunities for farming and farmers. Some students were able to attend as well! We split up and collectively attended sessions about mushroom farming for food and medicine, aquaculture, soils, marketing, growing hops, tapping for maple syrup, goat management and more! This yearly conference is coordinated by VSU’s Small Farm Outreach Program and the Virginia Cooperative Extension and is well worth the time.

On tap for next week: Farm work day at Laughing Place Farm to help a farmer in need, our first culinary class, and a VSU mushroom growing workshop!


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