Week of November 13, 2017

Seasonal Cooking with Kimmy and Sam. Kimmy reviews the recipes and seasonal ingredients with the students and shows what the plants look like that produce those ingredients.

We are blessed to have so many exciting learning opportunities! But, then one doesn’t need to look too hard or too far to find things to do in the Richmond area especially as it relates to farm. While it is a city, farming seems to be oozing in from the rural edges, bringing along farm-to-table opportunites, petting zoos and more. This week, we had some experiences with both of these for field trips and learning adventures. Monday and Wednesday were  “normal” days at the school with our academics and some outside work at the Center.

Tuesday we started off with our language arts and science sessions and then headed out to Laughing Place Farm where the local proprietor, Teresa, is having trouble healing a broken ankle and needed a bit of help. It didn’t take long after arriving to understand why she might be having trouble staying off that broken leg! Teresa runs a popular and busy petting zoo. Her fat, healthy, adorable animals take a lot of work to keep happy even when they aren’t running out for zoos! This was the second visit for LoSU students to this farm. Tuesday’s work plan included the handling of all of the goats and sheep. They checked for parasites, administered deworming medicine if needed, and trimmed and checked feet for issues. Stalls were mucked, signs put up and animals all got some attention from the students. Students went home exhausted, knowing they did a great job.

VSU Mushroom workshop. Attendees learn to prepare the logs!

Thursday, we did some exploration of the Petersburg area and then headed over to local commercial kitchen for our first cooking class. Kimmy and Sam worked with the students to instill some knowledge about seasonal cooking. The students learned to properly measure and mix ingredients to make a delicious apple muffin as well as a kale and banana smoothie!

Friday, we took a long trek down to Chatham, VA for another VSU workshop. This time we learned about mushrooms. We listened to a lecture about mushrooms, how they spread, what they are good for nutritionally and medicinally, and much more. Following the lecture, we proceeded to the parking lot where workshop coordinators had set up an area to work. Here, we all learned to choose and prepare logs for inoculating with mushroom spore. We drilled, plugged and wax sealed the shiitake mushroom spores into the logs. Each participant was able to take a log home. We were all given a small bag of oyster mushrooms plugs as well!

Next week we are all going to enjoy the Thanksgiving break!


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