Upcoming events

We have some awesome activities already on the books for our Spring Term with more getting added as we go. If you are considering a mid-year transition to LoSU, now would be a great time to join us!

First Quarter

Foxwire Farm Alpaca tour! Fodder system explained.

Farm planning & design: Our new farm is completely raw. We need to plan, design and implement based on management practices that are environmentally sound and low maintenance. We will be working with experts in biological farm planning. Students will also learn to read topographic maps, understand scaling, and translate map information to a 3-D site model of the farm for design purposes.

Virginia Biological Farm Conference: Students who are signed up for our programs by January 15th will be included in the VABF Conference in Homestead, VA on January 22-24. More information about this conference can be found on the VABF website.

Permaculture Course: Beginning in February and continuing into the second quarter, students will dive into a permaculture course. They will explore regenerative practices successfully being used, current research in the field, design, soil, fungi, architecture, social reform, holistic management, urban permaculture, large-scale land and ocean restoration and much more.

2 Day Disaster/Travel Wilderness First Aid Certification Course: LoSU students and staff will participate in this hands-on 2 day series of first aid courses.

Second Quarter

CBFS class onboard their research boat. Credit: CBFS

Outdoor Adventures: Monthly overnight adventures begin in the second quarter. Backpacking, hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, and spelunking are activities that may be included in these off-site adventures!

Farm Tour Excursions: Day and overnight farm tour trips are being arranged to provide students with many opportunities to see different farming practices in operation.

James River Expedition: Read more about our expedition here. Our river expedition is being planned for April or June (depends on weather and availability of the Chesapeake Bay Field Station.)

VSU Randolph Farm and urban farm support:  Tricycle Urban Gardens Students will have many opportunities to work with VSU for tours, volunteer/learning time, and volunteering to help with important urban farm projects like.

Don’t miss these amazing opportunities for learning and growth! Apply now!

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