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The Secrets to Success with ChatGPT

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Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we work. 


I admit, I played around with ChatGPT last fall when someone brought it to my attention. It was impressive, but it didn’t make enough of an impression to hook me. Then, it was introduced to me again earlier this year and I popped in and made a few queries. It was cool, but the results I got for marketing seemed a bit, looking for the right words here, canned. So it fell down my list of things to explore. Then, two things happened.

#1 – An associate connected me to a coach who had some training on better ways to prompt better results. Okay, now my interest is peaked a bit. Then…

#2 – Another associate told me about a technique she heard about but hadn’t tried yet. This sounded promising.

So, I hopped back in and started experimenting. What happened next – blew me away!

In a few hours I created enough content to surge my business marketing ahead by 6 months! Read that again!

6 MONTHS worth of work in a few hours!

And, it was good stuff!

Not canned.

Not bland.

Totally wrapped around my business branding.

Here’s some of what I accomplished in my first successful session:

  • Generated a fantastic list of hashtags to draw from
  • Developed a 10-part email series for parents discussing the benefits of entrepreneurial thinking in teens, offering tips on how they can help their teen develop these skills and mindset, and a tasteful plug for our entrepreneurial summer camp.
  • A detailed description of my ideal client avatar including her social channels, likes, dislikes, hoppies, goals, dreams, and more.
  • Copy for a grant proposal

Over the next few weeks I accomplished so much with ChatGPT I cannot even put a price on it. To the list above, I’ve added:

  • Hundreds of targeted social posts across 4 specific topic areas
  • a second 10-part series email campaign
  • Blog articles expanding on the email campaign topics  that the emails link to
  • 3 chapters of my book “Busting the Myths of Education” fine-tuned and sent to editor
  • Several miscellaneous blogs posts
  • 30 specialized, high-quality lesson plans (teachers you have to check this out!);
  • 30 summarizing blog articles to post about those sessions
  • Ad copy
  • Letters to send to potential partners
  • Webpage copy for new school program
  • List of questions to ask potential career podcast guests
  • List of topics for future student sessions in the same vein as our current sessions
  • Working with ChatGPT to ghostwrite a book for a client
  • Answered a bunch of miscellaneous questions

And soooo much more. ChatGPT has become my business partner and copywriting team.

I have never been so productive and able to take so much business changing action in my life!

But, there’s a secret to getting the right responses that are tailored to your specific business. If you want to learn how to make ChatGPT work for you, sign up for this seminar – you will get a massive return on this investment!
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