The Team

Astrolabe Academy chooses strong leaders to coach our students to success. We are constantly on the lookout for teen coaches, mentors, expert guests, and specialists! If you are interested in joining our team or being a guest on one of our student coaching sessions, use our contact form to reach out! 

Coach Terry

Coach Terry Travers serves as CEO of Astrolabe Academy, a unique, national, virtual high school and community that leads teen students to success through learner-centered education. In addition to 20 plus years of teaching and leadership experience, she brings a passion for helping teens overcome their educational anxiety. Terry understands the frustrations that arise in much of our youth as they grapple with their education and fervently believes that teens can love learning, even if they struggled in a traditional school. Terry is a visionary educational leader on a mission to change the core of education globally. She speaks at conferences, seminars, summits and webinars. She uses science and research-based information to help experts and parents alike understand the issues at school that cause adolescent youth to act out and provides a clear framework to help them break through barriers created by our present institutional education system.  Terry thrives by helping parents reconnect with their teens and helping those teens rediscover their passion for learning. 

Coach Craig

Craig Gustafson is a Certified Body Language Trainer, on a mission to help everyone he can in Escaping their Social Awkwardness.  As a 26-year submarine veteran, and self-described recovering social misfit, he understands what it takes to learn the science of social interaction.  He has appeared on numerous podcasts and was invited to deliver a Keynote speech at SuccessFest21, along with a 90-minuteinteractive training. He has also contributed to business and educational webinars with subjects as diverse as helping parents connect with teens to helping caretakers of those with special needs.  Craig’s favorite interactions are small and large group mentorship with young adults who feel socially awkward or socially disenfranchised.  He uses science-based strategies to teach the invisible but very real science of body language, because we all win when we have great social interactions.  

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