Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday, October 16

Rest, Head of School, helping students figure out what additional materials they need to complete building the compost bins.

Students met first thing this morning to discuss the busy week ahead. Field trips, furniture pick up, farm projects, and student work plans were on the agenda. After our morning meeting students spent time in English watching Julian Treasure’s TED talk, “How to Speak so That People will Want to Listen”. Their discussion about how they could use the information presented to communicate effectively was very impressive.

After English students enjoyed a leisurely lunch before heading outside to work on building compost bins.

They were successful in moving all of the places to the designated location but ran into some issues when it was time to assemble the boxes. They were able to trouble shoot and determined they need different nails in order to complete the project.

During independent study time students worked on their Dream Farm project, dog training, and herbal studies.



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