LSUHS Calendar Corral: Jan 2020

What’s going on at LSUHS this month?

A new year! A new semester has started here at LSUHS and we are off to a busy start! We had a delayed start due to the Virginia Biological Conference Dates. This is an important event for our staff and students. We are continuing to offer homeschool classes and field trip opportunities as well. Opportunities for homeschoolers are denoted with an *.

LSUHS/Homeschool Partner Courses

We will continue to offer LSUHS’ STEAM classes to the homeschooling community in 8-12 week segments. These classes are denoted below as LSUHS-HS. Our advanced students will also serve as guides.

The Calendar

Januay 15: 2020 School year begins!
January 20: Martin Luther King, Jr. – School holiday.
*January 21 LSUHS-HSExpress yourself through writing at 12:30 PM and Intro to Graphic Design (Tues class) at 2 PM.
*January 22: Field trip to Culpeper, VA
*January 23: Field trip to Richmond Holocaust Museum
*January 28 LSUHS-HS: Express yourself through writing at 12:30 PM and Intro to Graphic Design (Tues class) at 2 PM.
*January 30 LSUHS-HS: Culinary Arts at 1 PM. (Join us for the whole course or week by week!)

Current Projects

Students are currently working on the following projects this month. Folks in the community interested in learning any of these things are welcome to participate in the projects. Just email the school and find out the schedule. Farm projects are usually worked on Mon-Thurs from 10:45-12:45.

  • Warm porch & build koi pond and fodder system
    • Cover windows with plastic-DONE
    • Build a back frame for and line the pond
    • Assemble/customize fodder rack-DONE
    • Build solar heater
    • Fill pond
    • Add Koi
    • Start growing fodder!
  • Install hay racks in Goat tent-DONE
  • Prep space for Rufus
    • Clean out old goat barn
    • Remove T-posts
    • Move/install 18′ pallet panels
    • Move/set-up round pen
    • Setup water and hay systems
  • Install donated greenhouses
    • Remove fans at old site-DONE
    • Disassemble greenhouses on old site
    • Layout new greenhouse location
    • Restore poles as needed
    • Install greenhouse
    • Cover greenhouse

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for these upcoming events beyond January!

  • Farm planning & design workshops
  • More VSU conferences & workshops
  • Summer Camps
  • Fall Fundraiser: Chili, Chocolate and Farm Dance!

Upcoming Projects

  • Whole farm planning
  • Reconfigure quarnetine goat pen
  • Finish first phase of perimeter fencing (ongoing)
  • Landscaping (ongoing)
  • Setup permaculture gardens in front yard
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