Super Cool Work Study Program

2 New Student/Work Opportunities!


Are you: An advanced junior, senior or GAP year student wishing to get some work experience? Looking for ways to significantly reduce your tuition? Looking for some good references and resume input?


LoSU is establishing two unique positions for qualified student applicants. Students in these positions get the best of both worlds, a solid secondary education and a valuable internship.  Enjoy a strong, agricultural education with reduced tuition while learning some of these skills:


  • Ability to work independently
  • Grants research/writing
  • Marketing including social media marketing
  • Website/content updating
  • General office duties
  • Meeting/event planning
  • Fundraising
  • Entrepreneurial (startup) experience
  • Podcasting/blogging
  • Farm work/management
  • Basic understanding and use of tools required for the job: MS Office and/or Mac iWorks applications (Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations), Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Social media apps such as Facebook & Twitter, Canva.com, iMovie (podcast editing)


Following are the specifics.


  • Work Hours: Work study students are required to work 200 hours per quarter (roughly 67 hours per month or 15 hours per week). Work can be performed before and after school, and during school in independent study times. Work study students who show strong independent work ethic may also do some work at home.
  • Compensation: Work study students will receive a tuition reduction of $6500.
  • Responsibilities: Will increase as you show your readiness for the tasks and working independently. Some of the things we need help with include: grant searches and writing; developing/updating the website; help with social media and awareness for the school; reaching out to potential partners; helping to plan meetings and events leading up to the opening; helping to develop our crowdsourcing campaign; podcast editing and posting, content writing, general administrative duties, farm work, and more.
  • What we are looking for: Strong work ethic, flexibility, adaptability, willingness to learn, open-minded.
  • Requirements: Candidates must be:
    • Fully qualified LoSU student applicants, having completed all 4 of the Admission Steps to Apply.
    • A high school senior or graduate enrolled in our Gap Year Program.
    • Have strong reference letters attesting to their character.
    • Indicate your desire to apply for this position via our Contact form.


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