How We Get Things Done

Done Beats Perfect

In the third week of our program, we delved into how we get things done and the mindset required for success. We started by discussing the importance of done over perfect and how perfectionism can often hold us back. Making decisions, even if they are not perfect, is better than waiting and doing nothing. We encouraged our students to choose, make a decision, and then choose to make it right.

“How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING”

We also talked about how our mindset and approach to everything we do affects our success. Henry Ford’s famous quote, “Whether you think you CAN or whether you think you CAN’T, you’re right,” illustrates the power of our thoughts and beliefs. We challenged our students to show up with a can-do attitude and to do everything with integrity.

The Number 1 Problem = Us…

One of the main obstacles to success is being stuck or lacking clarity. To overcome this, we need a clear vision of where we want to go and the motivation to take action toward that vision. We emphasized that coaches are here to help with motivation and to keep the students moving forward.

Why this program?

Finally, we discussed the importance of understanding how we approach everything we do. We encouraged our students to take a closer look at themselves and their approach to life, asking themselves how they show up when no one is looking. By focusing on developing a can-do attitude, being clear on our vision, and understanding how we approach everything we do, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals.


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