Friday, October 20, 2017

Another busy day to end a busy week!  The day started with students attending Virginia State University’s Small Ruminant Field Day. The morning was spent listening to Dr. Steve Hart from Langston University and Dr. Adnan Yusuf from Virginia State University present information about including required nutrients for sheep and goats, nutritional disorders, ways to reduce feed costs, and nutritional research.  After enjoying lunch provided by VSU students headed outside to rotate through a series of information sessions.  Students watched various demonstrations and explored the grounds. All the other attendees were adults, it was amazing to see our teens engaged in meaningful interactions and conversation with experts.

After leaving VSU we headed to the site of what we hope will be our permanent campus.  Students had a chance to explore the gym, take a walk in the woods, and even took some time to fish in the pond located on the property.  Below are some pictures of them enjoying  nature….

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