Environmental Science Teaching Intern

Do you want to help teens explore human impact on the relationships between the living and non-living components of our world, especially as it relates to the agricultural impacts on land, watersheds, and CO2 absorptions? Help us develop our programs while gaining invaluable experience leading students on an exciting educational journey.

Areas of study that are part of our programs include biology, ecology, conservation studies, geology, soil science, zoology, physics, and chemistry. Subjects like pollution, land degradation, natural resource exploitation, climate, and recycling also fall under the scope of this position. The farm and school focus on more natural agricultural processes including permaculture and careful grazing management. Students will be tasked with using what they learn to solve problems on the farm and for the community.


The Environmental Science Intern will be responsible for:

  • leading the student exploration of the above topics.
  • offering guidance to students as they use what they are learning to advance the farm and their projects as well as to solve their own problems, as well as problems facing agriculture in general.
  • working with the farm manager to integrate learning with farm work.
  • helping the students discover and incorporate natural agriculture methods
  • being more of a guide and less of a “teacher” to the students
  • providing a nurturing learning environment
  • participate in school activities, meetings, events and fundraisers
  • perform office and outreach duties as needed
  • tracking and monitoring student attendance

You will also be responsible for LoSU’s Outdoor Program which involves the planning, organizing and leading of weekly/monhtly outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking, backpacking, spelunking, etc. Teaching map reading and navigation skills, animal tracking, and plant identification for forage and first aid as well as how to travel safely outside, stay comfortable and how to travel and camp with minimal impact.


  • Strength’s based leadership
  • Inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • Excellent leadership and motivational skills
  • Environmentally friendly farming methods
  • Outdoor adventure leadership skills
  • Environmental Science curriculum development grades 8-12.


  • B.S. Environmental Studies or Environmental Science or working towards this goal
  • Passion for nature, animals, agriculture and working with teens in a project & inquiry -based learning environment
  • Interest in natural farming methods including permaculture
  • Ability to translate principles and abstract theories to real world problems a plus
  • Must be prepared to work outside in a variety of weather conditions
  • Creative, energetic, professional, motivated, cooperative team player, sense of humor
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Speak effectively to both large and small groups of people
  • Prepare and conduct effective presentations
  • Demonstrate excellent listening skills
  • Cooperate and collaborate as a member of a team
  • Ability to lift and carry 60 pounds, perform physically demanding farm work, backpack and hike over uneven terrain
  • Experience leading or participating in outdoor activities
  • Additional languages a plus
  • Navigational skills, animal tracking, and plant identification skills a plus
  • Background check

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