Core Values & Life Balance

Building a Solid Foundation

In our second session, we delved into the importance of core values and balance in our lives. We started by identifying and discussing our core values and how they contribute to creating purpose in our lives. These values included vision, courage, community, abundance, and paying it forward.

Next, we explored the concept of balance and how it relates to four areas of life: health, wealth, love, and faith. We talked about how it’s important to strive for balance in all four areas and how neglecting one area can have a negative impact on the others. We also discussed the idea of participation versus spectatorship and how actively participating in our lives and pursuing our goals can lead to rapid learning and personal growth.

To illustrate the importance of taking action, we used the guitar analogy, discussing how watching videos of someone playing guitar is not the same as actually picking up a guitar and practicing. We then discussed how to get where we want to go in life by following a process of deciding, committing, taking action, making progress, building momentum, and ultimately creating a fuller life.

In conclusion, our second session emphasized the importance of living a balanced life rooted in our core values and actively participating in our journey toward success. By embracing our values, striving for balance, and taking action toward our goals, we can create a fulfilling and purposeful life.


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