Episode #2

Charting Uncharted Paths:
Our Family’s Journey from Traditional Schooling to Unschooling

ALT2HS Spotlight Podcast: Episode #2 Charting a Path to Unschooling

Dive into Episode 2 of the ALT2HS Spotlight Podcast, where host Coach Terry shares their own transformative journey from the rigid structure of traditional education to the liberating embrace of unschooling. This episode is a deeply personal narrative about challenging norms, questioning long-held beliefs, and ultimately discovering the empowering world of self-directed learning.


In Episode 1, we laid the foundation for what self-directed learning truly means. We talked about how it’s not simply a hands-off approach, but a dynamic, interactive, and deeply respectful way of facilitating our children’s natural curiosity and love for learning. We discussed the essence of trust in this process and how redefining education can lead to transformative experiences for both learners and educators.

Today, I want to take you on a more personal journey. It’s a story close to my heart — my own path to discovering and embracing unschooling. This isn’t just a narrative about educational choices; it’s a tale of challenges, realizations, and ultimately, profound transformation not only in my children’s learning but in our entire family dynamics.

My story begins when I became a parent. Like many of you, my initial thoughts about education were rooted in traditional schooling, the system I knew and grew up in. But as I watched my son struggle within these conventional educational walls, my perspective began to shift. His journey, from the frustrations in kindergarten to the moment of revelation that led us to unschooling, is not just a story of educational choices but a journey of understanding, trust, and learning to let go.

In this episode, I’ll share with you the turning points, the moments of doubt, the decision to step into the world of homeschooling, and our eventual transformation into unschooling. It’s a journey marked by trials, but more importantly, it’s a journey illuminated by the incredible potential and creativity that emerged when we dared to trust in a different path of learning.

So, sit back, relax, and join me as we navigate through the ups and downs, the insights, and the breakthroughs of our unschooling journey. Whether you’re a parent pondering alternative education methods, an educator looking for a fresh perspective, or simply curious about self-directed learning, this story is for all of us who believe in the power of trusting our children’s innate ability to learn.

My Story

It all started when my son began his schooling journey. As a bright and curious child, he found himself constrained and unfulfilled by the rigid structure of traditional education. This disconnect became evident when he struggled in kindergarten, where his unique needs and pace weren’t met, leading to frustration and disillusionment.

Determined to find a solution, my husband and I decided to homeschool him. Initially, I replicated the traditional school structure at home, but this approach didn’t alleviate our challenges. It became clear that the conventional method of compartmentalizing education into disconnected subjects was not conducive to genuine learning or enthusiasm. Nor was forcing a rigid “learning” structure.

Our turning point came when I accepted a job that limited my ability to maintain a formal homeschooling schedule. During this period, something remarkable happened. Left to their own devices, my children began to explore their interests organically. They asked questions, sought out resources, and engaged in projects that truly interested them – from starting a market goat business to diving deep into the worlds of archaeology and mythology.

This experience was a revelation: Learning flourished best when it was self-directed. It was not about rigid structures or imposed curriculums but about nurturing an environment of curiosity, trust, and respect for the child’s natural learning process.

Wrapping it up

As we wrap up this episode, I reflect on how this journey into unschooling has not only transformed my children’s education but also reshaped my entire perspective on learning. It taught me the importance of trust in our children’s innate abilities to explore, discover, and understand the world in their own unique ways.

For those interested in the more detailed account of our journey, I invite you to read the full story here in an article I wrote, which delves deeper into our experiences and insights.

Thank you for joining me today on the ALT2HS Spotlight. As we continue to explore the diverse and enriching world of self-directed learning, I encourage each of you to keep an open mind, question the conventional, and perhaps, discover a path of education that resonates more authentically with you and your children.

Until our next episode, keep nurturing curiosity and embracing the joy of learning in its most natural form.

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