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Learn By Doing

We developed this program for your teen—that young adult in your life that is miserable and all (or most) of that angst centers around school. Generally, by default, they end up bringing that home and making everyone else miserable as well.  Even if they have no clue what they would do instead, these kids do know that this type of education is hurting them – not helping them. Astrolabe Academy gives your soon to be adult child they tools they will need to thrive in their future and it does this in a way that will help them fall back in love with learning.

This program is for your high-school aged child if your or they can say “that’s me” to any of the following statements.



  • I have a child who is struggling in school, because (insert reason here—they don’t test well, they are different and get bullied, I don’t know but they are miserable, etc)
  • My child has IEPs


  • I feel like I am wasting my time
  • I would rather be (insert thing here—fixing cars, traveling, flying planes, climbing walls, mastering chemistry, dancing, you name it)
  • I wish I could just skip this and get on with college, life, work, etc.
  • I wish I could learn (insert thing here) in school but they do not offer it
  • School is so boring to me

Learn By Doing

Astrolabe Academy’s programs have been developed from the knowledge and experience of many years working with teens in a variety of learning sitatuions as well as countless consultations with other experts in this field. Our Freedom Learning Path program not only allows students to learn based on their own interests and passions, it also provides a foundation and a toolset that promotes a lifetime of learning. If you or your teen would like to see any of the following changes in your lives, you are in the right place!



  • Reconnecting with your teen
  • Reducing stress in your home & family
  • Simplify your life
  • No longer bound by artificial schedules imposed by the school
  • Add a level of freedom and flexibility to your live


  • Reconnect positively with your parents
  • Deep dive into your interests
  • Learn what you want, when you want and how you want
  • Jumpstart your career
  • Have freedom to learn from anywhere
  • Have freedom to travel
  • Head on to college if you want to

The first quarter…

Astrolabe Academy offers our Academy Foundations 101 course during the first 12 weeks of attendance. As the name implies, this is where the foundation is laid for an effective student-directed learning experience. During this time we will conduct assessments (not academic necessarily, but functional, fun, and more useful for one’s real life), begin some imporant discussions, a student mastermind group. We will help them gain clarity, create their vision, set a goal and reverse engineer that into action steps. This is where they will learn the good stuff—the stuff they do not teach in school.

For some students, this, paired with our Graduation Track, is all they need to get launched on their own. Others may want to opt for continuing enrollment and support until they are ready to graduate.

Academy Foundations 101

12 Weeks to freedom!

What’s included:

    • Love Language assessment and discussion
    • Strengths assessment and discussion
    • Functional Literacy assessment and recommendations
    • One 1-hour one on one strategy call with student (to set up a personalized plan)
    • 10 Weekly group discovery meetings where we cover different topics, like goal setting, with coursework to followup on
    • 12 Weekly mastermind sessions with students to work through challenges that pop up, questions, mentor connections, etc.
    • Monthly 30 minute Parent Check-in
    • 12 Weekly 15 minute individual student check-in
    • Monthly Live Parent mastermind meetings
    • Student portal for discussions, notes, follow ups, & assignemts
    • Parent portal for upper level view of student’s activities

    Keep on learning


    Foundations is over. Your teen learned a lot about themselves and learned to communicate and work with others, and to contribute in ways that improve everyone’s experiences. What happens now? Graduation? Possibly. They can also continue enrollment or go even more independently.  There are options to fit every teen and family’s needs.

    Graduation Track - 8 Weeks

    If, the student is ready to get on with their life, the graduation track can be added within the first 4 weeks of  Foundations 101 and allows the student to graduate with a diploma by the end of that first quarter. Students as young as 14 have followed this path and gone on to very successful lives. This track can be added at any time during regularl quarterly enrollment. The graduation track includes: 

    • Additional bi-weekly (4 sessions) coaching for portfolio sumission
    • Portfolio review
    • Framed diploma
    • 3 copies of narrative transcript
    • Book and pamphlet offering advice and guidance for post high school life
    • Alumni status with Astrolabe Academy

    Quarterly Enrollment

    Following the initial 12 week Foundations 101 course, students may opt for continued enrollment with the Academy. Academy enrollment is on a quarterly basis and includes the following:

    • Continue access to parent and student portals
    • 1 individual student coaching session per month
    • Weekly student mastermind group sessions
    • Retake the parts or all of the new Foundations 101 course as often as desired while enrolled.
    • Quarterly updates to current Academy transcript.
    • Add Graduation Track at any time for a 25% discount.