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Astrolabe Academy

A revolutionary national virtual high school and vibrant community dedicated to empowering teen students through learner-centered education

About AAHS

Our very unique approach to learner-centered learning nurtures a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.


We developed this program for your teen—that young adult in your life that may be miserable and all (or most) of that angst centers around school.

The Team

Meet the team & coaches who get it all running, and keep the students motivated and excited to keep taking action.


Imagine, if you will, a high-school where students are free to learn at their pace and to pursue their interests.


We host regular monthly meetings as well as seminars and other virtual and in-person events. We also attend education and homeschool conferences.


You have questions and we have answers! Scroll through the FAQ to get find answers to the most common questions.

About AAHS

Our vision is to foster a lifelong love of learning, exploration and entrepreneurial thinking. Our unique approach nurtures a passion for learning that will be with the student for life. Our independent learning program provides an environment that allows each student to flourish …

The Reasons

How I got here - caring about teens, helping them over come the damage done through years of a suppressive education. Teens absolutely can fall back in love with learning. We can help! For more information, visit our website https://astrolabeacademy.com #edchat #alted #alt2hs #teens #learnercentered

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Based in New Mexico, we serve all 50 states.


Non Descrimination Policy

Astrolabe Academy welcomes all students regardless of race, religion, color, gender, nationality or ethnic origin.

Special Programs for the Community

Image showing Coach Terry and group of teens with banner and text Open office hours - Q&A
Image showing Coach Terry and group of teens with banner and text Open office hours - Q&A

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