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We host regular monthly meetings as well as seminars and other events both virtual and in-person. We also attend education and homeschool conferences. Those events will be posted here.

Join us every:

✴️ 1st Monday at Noon CT

✴️ 3rd Thursday at 7 PM CT

Live on zoom and streaming to our Facebook page: “High School Alternatives

How would you like to reconnect with your teen, have much less stress, and give them the best education money can buy for a fraction of the cost?
Astrolabe Academy gives your soon to be adult child the tools they will need to thrive in their future and we do this in a way that will help them fall back in love with learning.
During these open office hours, we are here to answer your questions – not only about the school, but also about learner centered learning.

Bi-Monthly Career Interviews

Career Conversations

Join us every:

✴️ 2nd  and 4th Tuesday 1:30 PM CT

This is a FREE event for all teens! Anyone can submit a Career Request and join us for the talk. Learn more at our Career Conversations page.

Busting the Myths of Education

Image showing Coach Terry and group of teens with banner and text Open office hours - Q&A

Attention Parents of Teens! Are you tired of the one-size-fits-all approach to education? Ready to unlock your teen’s full potential?

Join us for the Busting the Myths of Education Seminar, where we’ll reveal the secrets of self-directed learning for teens and empower you to take control of your child’s educational journey.


The Secrets to Success with ChatGPT

This tool is being used in every industry…

Find out the real secret to making this really work for you!

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Other events will be added here. Visit our facebook page and/or group for updates as well.

A Word

From Our Founder

I love promoting self-directed learning and have seen – over and over – how different these kids are from the norm. They are free thinkers, can analyze and make decisions, aren’t afraid to experiment, love to learn, excel in whatever they put their minds to, and become great leaders.

– Terry Connell

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Based in New Mexico, we serve all 50 states.

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